How to be positiv every day

Do you have friends or colleagues who complain constantly?
If you do, you'll know how you feel after a conversation with them: tired, exhausted, feeling a bit fed up about your own life.

Do you know anyone who is always upbeat and positive?
If you talk with them, you will feel very different after: enthusiastic, re-excited, happy.

I suspect you can see things why positive thinking. With grateful for the good things in life - not complain about the bad - you will find that your mood is better, and that is almost magical, it better start happening to you.

It's easy, of course, for me to tell you to "see the bright side!" - But I know it's easier said than done. So here are five ways to become more positive about life, every day:

1. Recognize That You Have a Choice
When something "bad" or "good" that happens, you choose how to respond. If you find that hard to believe, think about how others might react to the same event: your father, your best friend, the President ....

Whatever happens to you, you can always learn something. If you make a mistake and got something wrong, at least you'll know what not to do next time!

2. Wake Up Positive
Start your day with something you can really enjoy. Which may be your favorite food for breakfast, or a beautiful scented soap in the bathroom. If you are looking forward to just one small thing when you wake up, then you've got your holiday with a good start.

You may want to accidentally end up on a high note as well - you can read a few chapters of a great novel before bed, or bath, relaxed length.

3. Watch Your Language
When you talk with colleagues, family or friends, such as what language are you using?
If you tell your partner "I have a horrible next day, I was so stressed just thinking about it," then you put yourself in a negative frame of mind.

If you and your colleagues usually complain about the job, looking for a more positive subject. Try asking "what are you looking forward to this week?"
4. Reframe events
"Reframing" is a popular technique in life coaching, where you create a negative event into a more positive view them deliberately in a different light. So, "I'm really busy, but we're out of milk, and I have to go to the store" could be "I'll go for a brisk walk to the store, grab the milk we need, and have a mini-break from work so I can come back refreshed. "

For more information about the advice reframing, there is an excellent series on the blog Vlad Dolezal's life coach.

5. Write Down Three Good Things
You may have found the concept of "gratitude journal" before, where you record the things you are grateful. This is a surprisingly powerful practice that can help you to not only feel better, but also take action to keep improving your life.

You do not have to spend hours writing long-winded journal. Today, try to write only three things you are thankful for - you can use single words or short phrases.

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