Ready to Start Your Own Business?

Having your own business means having your own responsibility. You be the boss and the employees in your own business. It will be fun, but also challenging.

Now it's time to find out if you are ready to start your own business, which is quoted from page Idiva, Friday (28/6).

Do you have the capital?
All businesses need money and no one can start a business without money. "Most companies that have money, take loans from the bank and must be able to repay," says Ankita Bharadwi, a boutique owner, give input.

Will it be profitable?
If your business turnover less, how you can pay your loan? In addition, you still need money to pay rent and taxes.
According Bharadwai, many people do not realize that the business can only be turned into a business bearing, if they are not thinking about the profit and loss.

Is able to operate freely?
It is not easy to make sure everything goes smoothly, the source, you and the client. "You will not realize the amount of responsibility on top of you until you get started. It is easier to work with a partner who can share responsibility," said Maya Kansal, a jewelry designer.

Is the location appropriate?
If you plan to rent or buy a place of business, you should have the right location for it. "If there is a great place, you will get the right customers," said Bharadwaj.

Who is
the target?
You are not sure who should buy your clothes, so you sell the items for everyone. "It's better to stick to your target so you can be more creative. You can sell quality goods," said Kansal.

Your sign of cheating Emotionally

You have many kinds of friends. Someone has a boyfriend, friends singles, friends for a party, a smart friend, and friends of the opposite sex.

Although the Y chromosome should not be determinant may / Whether or not you friends with someone, build lasting friendships with the opposite sex when you're already committed to other people can cause big problems.

The expert team from the YourTango affair gave signs of emotional infidelity that sometimes occurs in friendship with the opposite sex. When you've been through phases of "just friends," you might want to check for signs of emotional infidelity before it destroys your relationship:

You (often) to think about him
You often think of your guy friends. In fact, you often think about him than his own lover. Wondering what he was doing, how it was, and he was with anyone.

You say to people if you just "a friend"
If people start asking about your relationship with him, you should begin to be careful. Pay attention to what other people see!

You start telling personal secrets to him
Dividing the privacy that you never told a lover is living proof of emotional infidelity.

You realize he began to change yourself
If an interest or hobby you love, and he began to realize that changes your loved one, it's time to rethink his role in your life.

You beautify herself for her
You want to look beautiful to meet with him. Maybe you like the hair style she likes, or thinking of buying clothes with her ​​tastes.

You are more happy with him
You are more likely to laugh and be happy with him than with your loved one.

You are providing a special time for him
You leave your lover, friend, and, in some cases, leave the work to spend time with him.